Archive: Feb 2013

Maintaining healthy asset management systems is a must in medicine

Barcode systems help SMBs save time and cut costs. The healthcare industry is changing rapidly. Today, more technologies than ever are going online, especially with new standards for electronic health records. The United States government has mandated the meaningful use of these information management systems by 2015, but what about fixed asset management? As medical professionals prepare to go paperless, they should also consider upgrading their inventory management system. Strong solutions for practical practitioners There are many benefits to implementing an advanced inventory management system in a medical setting. One of the most apparent may be that clinicians can save…

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Tracking Property for SMBs

  Fixed asset management solutions help small and medium size businesses (SMBs) with tracking property effectively. Software provides them with the ability to stay on top of financial reports, cut unnecessary costs and maximize efficiency in every¬†aspect of business, from operations to administrative work. Incorporating a barcode scanning system into inventory tracking solutions and processes can help businesses save even more time and access property information with just the click of a mouse. Sportsvision, which creates visual enhancements like the NFL’s “yellow line” in broadcasted sports and entertainment events, began using a barcode scanning system to track its items several…

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