Friday, October 05, 2012 under Accounting software and technology, Fixed asset management

Zoo officials have a wide variety of responsibilities, including caring for the animals, hiring and training staff, maintaining integrity of enclosures and much more. For this reason, fixed asset management solutions can be invaluable to these professionals, as the associated software and services allow for a streamlined approach to zoo management.

Likely the most valuable fixed assets at the zoo are the enclosures in which the animals are held. Ranging from smaller cages and kennels for little animals to highly secured cells for the larger inhabitants, the cost of maintaining these assets could be very high. Additionally, the consistent tracking of the enclosures’ conditions can take a considerable chunk of time out of any manager’s day.

With fixed asset management solutions, zoo managers can be sure that all of their property will be adequately tracked and marked for necessary maintenance in a timely fashion. When it comes time to report these holdings or calculate depreciation, solutions can help make the numbers more accurate and easy to retrieve.

It’s all happening at the zoo, and managers are responsible for ensuring the safety of all patrons. Fixed asset management solutions can help zoo officials ensure all of the necessary items are in the right place at the right time, and are being properly maintained.