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What it Takes to Be an Industry Leader in 2013

To be a successful business, it’s understood that you need capital, a solid workforce, marketable and desirable goods or services, among a few other business fundamentals. But today, in this high-tech, ever changing world-business climate, what does it really take to stay on top and be a leader? Take a look at some of the ins and outs of industry leadership. Find out what your business can do to move towards the top and how Sage Fixed Assets can help you get there in this eye-opening infographic.

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The Historical Development of Fixed Assets

  In the beginning of time, there was no need for a fixed asset management system. But as businesses grew into companies and technology evolved, fixed assets also grew exponentially, becoming increasingly hard to track. See this change from the beginning–from the day the first auditing standards were issued to today–in our Historical Development of Fixed Assets infographic from Sage Fixed Assets!  

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Fixed Assets: The BIG Picture

    Looking for extra money for some office redecorating? How do your fixed assets add up and what can you do with the savings? Our infographic shows how much is spent on fixed assets, the cost of fixed asset management and how much can saved with better asset management. Check out the BIG picture from Sage Fixed Assets!    

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